Interview by: Phillip Richardson

Tonight at the Byrd Theatre in Richmond VA, Clem Martin, curator of east coast skate blog Recordings of Boardings will be premiering his 3rd full length skate film titled For the Record. Clem took some time out of his very busy schedule to tell us a little about his site and the video.  

 Can't Surf : State your name.

Clem: Someone will call me out if I don’t answer this legally, it’s Chris Martin, but everyone for the past fifteen years has been calling me Clem.

 What's your earliest recollection of skateboarding?

Skating down my neighbors driveway and my mom filming it.

 When was recordings of boarding first launched; tell us about the site and why it was started?

January 2011, I would always just post rad clips I found on the internet that I knew my homies would like but probably haven’t seen. Always just posted them to facebook but I wanted one central location where we could go back and look at them down the road, so I started the site.

How'd you get into filming?

Just making videos with friends growing up skating. Always would film myself doing tech deck shit too, super embarrassing videos somewhere on Hi8.

How do you manage to film and edit a full length skate video and maintain a sense of normalcy in your everyday schedule?

I don’t really haha, past few weeks finishing this one have been tough. But before it got really down to the wire I was at work for 8 hours on the computer then I’d leave there and go to some thrift stores to fuel this etsy I started recently for vintage clothing and hats. That way I could stare at something other than a screen for a few hours then come home and get into editing and ruining my vision.

Did scheduling play a major role in your last video being filmed entirely at night?

For sure, but between work and school the only time I had to skate was at night, so whoever still had the energy from skating during the day I’d meet up with. Or whoever was on a similar schedule to me I’d skate with.

How long did the prices of filming "For the Record" take?

Started right after Off the Record, so pretty much exactly two years ago we started.

Who's going to be in the new video?

Too many people really, its 48 min long. Will Rosenstock, Jordan Bradshaw, Caleb Ocasio, Pat Yagow, Joe LIlley, Blake Scott, Cooper Seal, John Devine, Brian Geib, and Eric Valladares all have the majority of the footage. There’s a few small parts and surprise parts tho.

Do you believe skateboarding styles vary by region, if so how would you describe Richmond’s?
As in skater’s styles? Yeah for sure, Richmond’s style is trash people. Hahah, just kidding. I’m not sure that’s hard to describe, we deff make do with very little. Baltimore has really really rough spots but they have so many of them that it kind of works out and dudes there can get really good. NYC might as well be Cali now spot wise so everyone there is really really good but too many have huge egos so it kind of sucks.

EDIT: I answered this one the night before the premiere, my brain was mush, and I'm not psyched on how I worded what I was trying to say at all. Let me try this again:

It seems to me like NYC has it pretty easy spot wise. Huge selection of whatever you could want to skate, all very easy to get to, and for the most part they're all in very good condition despite being skated for generations and generations. Theres a new park popping up every month there so it's easy for kids to get really good in NYC. 
I've been lucky that no one I've met in NYC has been wack to me, but from afar I still see a bit of a cool-guy attitude. That shit's been around since the beginning of skateboarding tho, it vary's in degree, and it's never going away. You learn to accept it early on in skateboarding, or you don't, and you complain about it. I look past it as much as I can, but sometimes through all of these social media and web outlet's people radiate it and it's a bummer to see. I'm probably involuntarily guilty of it at some point as well. If so, I'm sorry for that.

Name one Richmond skateboarder you feel should be pro
Jordan Bradshaw, no one else comes close.
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